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Welcome to the Dune (Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment) user wiki and project development site!

A good starting point is probably the main wiki the project overview or the (incomplete) list of people using dune.

If you are anyhow involved with Dune (or want to be), feel free to register in order to being able to contribute to this site.


If you need any help or further information, take a look at the help wiki, browse the help forums to see, if your topic has already been discussed (if not, you can open up a new topic with your question) or open up a support ticket.
If you think, that something is wrong with this site (i.e. you can not edit a project, but you think, you should be able to) or something is missing (i.e. you need a new functionality or know a redmine plugin, that should be installed), open up a new issue, file a Feature or ToDo request and assign it to the Dune Administrator.

If you are in real trouble, send a mail to dune dot project at uni-muenster dot de.

Latest news

dune-fem-dg: DUNE-FEM-DG publicly available.
The DUNE module DUNE-FEM-DG has been published. It implements a variety of DG methods for both, advection dominated and diffusion dominated problems.
Added by Robert K. 3 months ago

dune-alugrid: dune-alugrid moved to gitlab.dune-project.org
The repository moved to gitlab, please use 'git clone https://gitlab.dune-project.org/extensions/dune-alugrid.git' to access the new repository.
Added by Robert K. 6 months ago

dune-alugrid: Major update: the 2d version is now parallel.
ALUGrid has been revised and improved to now also support parallel simulations in 2d.
Added by Robert K. 7 months ago

a main wiki: Redmine updated
Added by Rene Milk 10 months ago

dune-alugrid: dune-alugrid supports copyable entities.
The code has been adjusted to the recent changes in dune-grid that prepare the removal of the EntityPointer class.
Added by Robert K. about 1 year ago

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Latest projects

  • dune-iga (03/06/2016 02:14 PM)

    Infrastructure for grids with spline geometries

  • Google Summer of Code 2016 (01/30/2016 03:17 PM)
  • dune-fem-bem-toolbox (01/19/2016 04:50 PM)

    A toolbox for the creation of finite element (FEM) and/or boundary element (BEM) applications within Dune, using the dune-fem and bem++ software libraries respectively.
    Distinct FEM and BEM schemes may be defined, working on different volume or surface meshes, with direct or indirect iterative coupling between their respective solutions....

  • fvca6-solver-bench (11/09/2015 07:09 PM)
  • dune-pdelab (10/28/2015 04:54 PM)

    clone of exadune-pdelab for patches development